Qualified Product List

LinkProduct TypeSpec NumberProduct NameManufacturerQPL NumberStatusDate Expire
Water Reducers801.4.2MasterGlenium 3030BASF199Approved12/31/2023
Water Reducers801.4.2MasterGlenium 3400BASF202Approved12/31/2023
Water Reducers801.4.2MasterGlenium 7700BASF205Approved12/31/2023
Impervious Curing Compounds - Premium White802.1PAMS 701 WhiteUS Mix Co.220Approved12/31/2023
Water Reducers801.4.2Sika ViscoCrete-4100Sika Corporation223Approved12/31/2023
Water Reducers801.4.2Sika ViscoCrete-6100Sika Corporation224Approved12/31/2023
Water Reducers801.4.2Sikament 686Sika Corporation225Approved12/31/2023
Water Reducers801.4.2SikaPlast-300 GPSika Corporation226Approved12/31/2023
Hydration Stabilizers801.4.2SikaTard 440Sika Corporation227Approved12/31/2023
Impervious Curing Compounds - Basic802.1Maxcure Wax WhiteUS Mix Co.229Approved12/31/2023
Air Entrainers801.4.1SikaControl AIR-160Sika Corporation233Approved12/31/2023
Water Reducers801.4.2ADVA ITM 750GCP Applied Technologies237Approved12/31/2023
Slump Retention, Rheology801.4.2ADVA ITM 750GCP Applied Technologies238Approved12/31/2023
Air Entrainers801.4.1Airalon 7000GCP Applied Technologies244Approved12/31/2024
Water Reducers801.4.2Plastocrete-250Sika Corporation245Approved12/31/2023
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