Outdoor Advertising Permits

Permit NumberStatusIssue DateSizeSideMapSign OwnerLand OwnerSection Name
4JohnsonI 90 BUS/US 16101.764-0960Conforming05/16/199616 x 12Right44.355447 / -106.663327Buffalo Chamber of Commerce (Buffalo Chamber of Commerce)Big Horn Consolidated Services Inc. (Big Horn Consolidated Services Inc.)JO13Z
4JohnsonI 90 BUS/US 16101.554-0995Nonconforming05/27/199916 x 18Right44.353935 / -106.667636Nelson, Wayne & JanCross H Ranch - Nelson (Cross H Ranch - Nelson)JO13Z
4JohnsonI 90 BUS/US 16101.614-0931Conforming07/06/19948 x 4Right44.354281 / -106.666195Mr. R's Auto Service (Mr. R's Auto Service)Purcella, Brandon & Dallas AnnJO13Z
4JohnsonI 90 BUS/US 16100.984-1004Nonconforming08/22/200015 x 10Right44.353983 / -106.678739Margos Pottery (Margos Pottery)IBERLIN, SIMON & JOHNJO13Z
1Laramie-355.471-0505Nonconforming07/29/197130 x 10Right41.112846 / -104.928962Lamar Outdoor Advertising (Lamar Outdoor Advertising)King Ranch Co., LP (King Ranch Co., LP)LA01A
1Laramie-374.511-0490Nonconforming07/29/197132 x 12Left41.159259 / -104.575629Lamar Outdoor Advertising (Lamar Outdoor Advertising)Herrington Farms, Inc. (Herrington Farms, Inc.)LA01A
1Laramie-398.4341-0174Nonconforming07/01/197112 x 10Right41.149548 / -104.120766Stagnaro, JamesOlson, DennisLA01B
1Laramie-359.081-0477Nonconforming07/29/197160 x 16Right41.113493 / -104.860826Lamar Outdoor Advertising (Lamar Outdoor Advertising)Swann Ranch LLC (Swann Ranch LLC)LA01A
1Laramie-400.641-1036Conforming12/27/198948 x 25Right41.169001 / -104.085429Dale Bowman (Dale Bowman)Bowman, Dale A.LA01B
1Laramie-387.181-0210Nonconforming07/13/197120 x 8Left41.159081 / -104.334586Gillam, MarkBastian, RichardLA01B
1Laramie-353.831-0782Nonconforming09/14/197120 x 9Right41.109944 / -104.959027Lamar Outdoor Advertising (Lamar Outdoor Advertising)King Ranch Co., LP (King Ranch Co., LP)LA01A
1Laramie-385.9541-0196Conforming07/13/197120 x 8Right41.157 / -104.357524Gillam, MarkBastian, RichardLA01B
1Laramie-360.131-0522Nonconforming07/29/197140 x 10Right41.115528 / -104.8405Lamar Outdoor Advertising (Lamar Outdoor Advertising)TRU Grit Land Development LLC (TRU Grit Land Development LLC)LA01A
1Laramie-385.731-0992Nonconforming03/08/198548 x 14Left41.158547 / -104.362149Lamar Outdoor Advertising (Lamar Outdoor Advertising)Wyo Campground LLC (Wyo Campground LLC)LA01B
1Laramie-340.0991-0248Nonconforming07/15/197140 x 10Right41.101037 / -105.216664Lamar Outdoor Advertising (Lamar Outdoor Advertising)Willadsen Brothers Partnership (Willadsen Brothers Partnership)LA01A
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