Prequalified Contractors

Expiration DateContractorContractor
Firm TypeType Of Work
03/31/202271 Construction
7072 Barton Dr.
Casper, WY 82604
00311WY CORP.Grading, Box Culverts, Pipe, Underground Utilities, Truck Haul, Gravel Surfacing, Chip Seals, Seal Coats, Asphalt Surfacing, Minor Bridge Work(1), Sidewalk, Curb/Gutter & Wingwalls
12/31/2022A & S CONSTRUCTION CO.
839 Mackenzie Ave
Canon City, CO 81215
00001CO CORP.Grading, Box Culverts, Pipe, Underground Utilities, Truck Haul, Gravel Surfacing, Asphalt Surfacing, Crushing, Fencing, Landscaping, Sidewalks, Curb & Gutter
03/31/2022A-Core Concrete Cutting, Inc.
5360 South Riley Lane
Murray, UT 84107
01018UT CORP.Truck Haul, Concrete Pavement (Sawing, Sealing, Grinding, Core Drilling, Demolition & Repair), Plant Mix Pavement Crack Sealing, Minor Concrete Paving, Guardrail, Sidewalks, Curb & Gutter & Wingwalls
2180 E. 74th Place
Denver, CO 80229
03269CO CORP.Expanded Bridge Work (3), Polyester Concrete Overlays, Thin Bond Overlays, Waterproffing, Sidewalks, Curb & Gutter & Wingwalls
12/31/2021APC Southern Construction Co LLC
14802 W. 44th Ave.
Golden, CO 80403
03356LLCGrading, Truck Haul, Gravel Surfacing, Asphalt Surfacing & Crushing
8348 Ridgewood Road
St. Joseph, MN 56374
02033MN CORP.Chip Seal, Microsurfacing/Slurry Seals, Crack Sealing (PMP) & Seal Coat
03/31/2022Abhe & Svoboda, Inc.
18100 Dairy Lane
Jordan, MN 55352
02231MN CORP.Sandblasting, Painting, Rehabilitation (Bridges & Tanks), Cathodic Protection, Marine Rehab (Dams, Locks & Gates) & Waterproofing
03/31/2022Access Limited Construction
1102 Pike Lane
Oceano, CA 93445
03587CA CORP.Rockfall Mitigation/Slope Stabilization
06/30/2022Acme Concrete Paving, Inc.
4124 East Broadway
Spokane, WA 99202
00094WA CORP.Minor Grading, , Truck Haul, Gravel Surfacing, Crack Sealing (All), Major Concrete Paving, Intermediate Bridge Work (2), Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter
03/31/2022Advanced Electrical Contracting, Inc.
1663 Commercial Ave.
Sheridan, WY 82801
03403WY CORP.Roadway Signing, Electrical Work (Highway), Sidewalks, & Drilled Shafts
03/31/2022Alexander Construction Co.
149 YO Ranch Road
Wheatland, WY 82201
02777WY CORP.Minor Grading, Truck Haul, Gravel Surfacing, Crushing, Asphalt Surfacing
03/31/2022Allstates Paving Recycling & Stabilization, Inc.
14280 James Road
Rogers, MN 55374
03769MN CORP.Minor Grading, Seal Coat, Full-Depth-Reclamation (FDR), Rumble Strips (PMP & CONC.), Profile Analysis and Correction & Surface Grinding and Texturing (PMP)
03/31/2022American Civil Constructors LLC
4901 South Windermere Street
Littleton, CO 80120
00541CO CORP.Grading, Box Culverts, Pipe, Underground Utilities & Landscaping
03/31/2022American Road Maintenance, Inc.
4554 E. Eco Industrial Pl.
Tucson, AZ 85756
03733IL CORP.Crack Sealing (PMP) & Seal Coats
03/31/2022American West Construction, LLC
275 East 64th Avenue
Denver, CO 80221
03100LLCGrading, Box Culverts, Pipe & Underground Utilities
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