Qualified Product List

LinkProduct TypeSpec NumberProduct NameManufacturerQPL NumberStatusDate Expire
Air Entrainers801.4.1Airalon 7000GCP Applied Technologies244Approved12/31/2024
Bridge Concrete RepairSS-500JSikaQuick 2500Sika Corporation250Approved11/19/2024
Air Entrainers801.4.1CHRYSO Air TXCHRYSO Inc.375Approved12/02/2024
Water Reducers801.4.2CHRYSO Quad 855 EMxCHRYSO Inc.379Approved03/05/2025
Water Reducers801.4.2MasterGlenium 7511Master Builders Solutions US LLC386Approved10/31/2024
Air Entrainers801.4.1Sika Multi Air-25Sika Corporation388Approved11/05/2025
Water Reducers801.4.2Sika ViscoCrete-2110Sika Corporation390Approved03/23/2025
Accelerators801.4.2SikaSet NCSika Corporation391Approved09/11/2025
Slump Retention, Rheology801.4.2Sika Stabilizer-4 RSika Corporation392Approved03/23/2025
Water Reducers801.4.2MasterPolyheed 997Master Builders Solutions US LLC393Approved10/12/2025
Water Reducers801.4.2MasterPozzolith 200Master Builders Solutions US LLC394Approved09/17/2024
Water Reducers801.4.2MasterPozzolith 322Master Builders Solutions US LLC395Approved09/04/2024
Water Reducers801.4.2MasterSet R 300Master Builders Solutions US LLC396Approved08/23/2024
Hydration Stabilizers801.4.2MasterSet DELVOMaster Builders Solutions US LLC397Approved08/23/2024
Hydration Stabilizers801.4.2RecoverGCP Applied Technologies415Approved07/10/2025
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