Qualified Product List

LinkProduct TypeSpec NumberProduct NameManufacturerQPL NumberStatusDate Expire
Water Reducers801.4.2CONCERA SA 8080GCP Applied Technologies160Approved12/31/2022
Preformed Expansion Joint Filler807.4NomaflexNomaco, Inc.162Approved12/31/2022
Water Reducers801.4.2CONCERA CP1124GCP Applied Technologies163Approved12/31/2022
Water Reducers801.4.2SUPERCIZER 5Fritz-Pak Corporation172Approved12/31/2022
Water Reducers801.4.2SUPERCIZER 5Fritz-Pak Corporation172Approved12/31/2022
Slump Retention, Rheology801.4.2SLICK-PAKFritz-Pak Corporation174Approved12/31/2022
Slump Retention, Rheology801.4.2SLICK-PAK IIFritz-Pak Corporation176Approved12/31/2022
Water Reducers801.4.2FR-1Fritz-Pak Corporation177Approved12/31/2022
Water Reducers801.4.2FR-1Fritz-Pak Corporation177Approved12/31/2022
Air Entrainers801.4.1Eucon Air MAC6The Euclid Chemical Company184Approved12/31/2022
Water Reducers801.4.2Eucon SEThe Euclid Chemical Company186Approved12/31/2022
Impervious Curing Compounds - Basic802.1White Wax Cure J9ADayton Superior Corporation189Approved12/31/2022
Air Entrainers801.4.1MasterAir AE 90BASF195Approved12/31/2022
Air Entrainers801.4.1MasterAir VR 10BASF196Approved12/31/2022
Air Entrainers801.4.1MasterAir AE 200BASF197Approved12/31/2022
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